Ford Transit Ambulance Gaining Popularity in the Middle East

It is being developed by American Emergency Vehicles in the US.


Since its launch a couple of years ago, Ford Transit Ambulance has become the most popular van for emergency operators in the region. Recently, during the 2019 Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai, we saw three customized versions of Ford Transit Ambulance to meet the needs of operators and provide patients first-class medical services.

The first-class performance, class-leading load capacity, unmatched vehicle flexibility, safety ratings, and fuel economy are some of the features, which make it a perfect ambulance.

The Ford Transit Ambulance is being customized by American Emergency Vehicles in the US. They install most advanced patient care and safety equipment by Ferno-Washington and telematics systems by Ferno-ACETECH. Here in the UAE, the project is supervised by the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) under the Dubai 10X initiative.

Leigh O’Brien, who leads the development of the Transit 350 conversions for Ferno-Washington, clarified: “From a convertor’s point of view, Ford makes our job a lot easier to configure and design. To stay competitive with other builders, the ability to predesign everything before you start building makes a huge difference.”

“From an operator’s standpoint, the Transit has a better payload and a powerful petrol engine which the competitors don’t offer in this region. From an ambulance operator’s point of view, it’s got a lower floor which makes it easier to load and unload stretchers.”

Eric Gallagher, CEO of Ferno-ACETECH Vehicle Intelligence, remarked: “Ford has been very proactive in this region, and globally in the whole emergency medical services sector. For us, it’s all about the support we’re getting from Ford, and it’s been tremendous. We’ve had some really great success in markets in the region with some significant orders from clients who have been driven by a concern for that level of support – and Ford absolutely came in and knocked it out of the park.”

“If we’re able to provide feedback that shows how the vehicle performs, how it runs its engine hours, how it’s being driven, and how long it spends in a garage as opposed to a competitor chassis – that’s incredibly important for everyone involved right through the ranks, from operational, fleet and a safety perspective.”

At the exhibition, we also saw another customized ambulance, called Profile Optimus, which is built on the Transit 350. Created by Finnish-based customizer Profile Vehicles Oy, these are available in two roof heights and three body lengths.

Narinder Singh, business development executive for Profile Vehicles Oy, stated: “We have been working with Ford throughout the history of the company but recently we have found the Transit to be one of the most fitting chassis here for the Middle East market because of the powertrain.

“The T-350 is really the optimal model for us to do our conversions. The high roof means we don’t have to do any additional structural work on the van. It has a powerful engine, which is something a lot of people here in the Gulf want. It is a fantastic vehicle.”


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