Kia Introduces Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging and Automated Parking Concept

Kia plans to bring for use by 2025.


The increasing number of electric vehicles demand easy access to the charging stations. Kia steps forward to make electric car owners lives easier by allowing them to charge their cars wirelessly and autonomously. Known as electric vehicle wireless charging and automated parking concept, this system would be a lifesaver in overcrowded cities.

So, how does it work exactly? It is a four-way communication between the electric vehicle, parking facility, charging system and driver. When the driver needs charging, they will initiate a charging command from their cell phone. The EV will find the nearest and vacant wireless charging station to get itself charged. Once completely charged, it will move to the nearest vacant parking space using the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS). As soon as the charging spots get vacant, another vehicle will take its place for charging. When the driver needs the vehicle for pick up, the EV will reach the driver’s preferred location.

electric vehicle wireless charging and automated parking

On the mobile of the user, they can see empty parking spaces and charging stations along with real-time charging status.

Kia plans to bring electric vehicle wireless charging and automated parking systems for use by 2025 as level-4 autonomous cars take the streets in some parts of the world. Kia is also working to introduce its own partial self-driving cars by 2021. Kia’s completely autonomous models will hit the roads by 2030.

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