Cadillac To Lead GM’s Electrification Plan

GM plans to introduced 20 electric vehicles by 2023.


With electric car sales jacking up in America and other parts of the world, General Motors decided to use Cadillac to lead GM’s electrification plan. GM declared this yesterday during its investor call meeting. The stakeholders also decided to launch a new modular electric platform that will underpin all the electric vehicles of Cadillac.

The platform will be diverse enough to spawn compact, mid-size to big luxury SUVs. Moreover, it will accommodate all types of drive configurations. The platform would have the capacity to offer a driving range of more than 480 km. GM is working to finalize this modular platform in the next two years.

Talking about GM’s plan to introduced 20 electric vehicles by 2023, we expect to see their first this year based on their Chevrolet Bolt EV. Most other EVs will employ the new modular platform.

We feel Cadillac EVs will also primarily target the Chinese car market. The Chinese authorities are keen to make their air quality better and minimize their dependency on gasoline. Additionally, the GM’s electrification plan for the U.S. will improve its sales here manifolds and would give tough time to Tesla. The American electric automaker achieved 191,627 sales, which are 36,925 units more than Cadillacs’ last year.

GM also joined EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots to allow its electric car owners to discover a charging station easily and pay for it.

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