Continental Introduces First Self-Driving Tire-Testing Vehicle

It was recently introduced at Continental's testing site in Uvalde, Texas in the USA.


The German tire company Continental is well known for producing quality tires. Tire testing is one of the important steps of their manufacturing process, and the company has been working to optimize it for almost half a century. Recently, it authorized the production of the world’s first self-driving tire-testing vehicle based on their automated Cruising Chauffeur. It was recently introduced at Continental’s testing site in Uvalde, Texas in the USA.

The self-driving vehicle allows for improved testing and more definite tire-testing outcomes on any track. Managed by a satellite navigation system, the autonomous car uses radar sensors and a camera that can detect any living and non-living, unexpected objects coming on the car’s path and act accordingly. The tire-testing autonomous driving vehicle adheres to the German tiremaker’s Vision Zero, devoted toward increasing road safety.

During a tire-testing run, the smallest discrepancy can lead to an erroneous test conclusion. Thus, test car drivers are usually under tremendous pressure to make sure no anomaly affects the test result. However, using a sat-nav controlled self-driving tire-testing vehicle eliminates chances of human error, and allows for accurate testing. Since it can give precise results quickly, using self-driving testing cars also saves the testing track from degradation due to frequent or over-usage.

Continental’s new self-driving tire-testing vehicle enables the company to perform detailed, authentic tests on their tires and the latest rubber compounds produced. This will ensure that their tires are stronger, more durable and up to the standards, the company works to maintain.

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