Volvo In-Car Cameras Observe Driver’s Biometrics

These cameras will be optional.



Volvo Cars has developed advanced in-car cameras to observe driver’s behavior as well as stress levels and other biometrics. The technology will be available by next year. These cameras will be optional, with installation depending on the choice of the customers themselves. Volvo developed the system to provide car owners with greater technological benefits instead of invading their privacy.

According to Volvo’s Chief Digital Officer Atif Rafiq, the optional in-car cameras are equipped with biometrics monitoring technology and are capable of monitoring blood glucose levels by eye pupil scans and can contact the driver’s family in case of a health issue arising.

Furthermore, the system can observe driver’s stress levels and change cabin settings accordingly to provide a more relaxing environment. The ultimate goal of the in-car cameras is to predict and prevent any health crisis from occurring, which would decrease health emergency-related accidents.

For customers worried about their privacy, the chief digital officer assured that all video feed recorded from the in-car cameras will remain unidentified, and will not be disclosed to anyone for any cause. Bear in mind, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz already use in-car cams to observe driver tiredness levels.

Volvo initially started testing in-car camera systems in 2017 as one of the components in its autonomous car driving system research. This research helped improve the manufacturing of these systems.


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