Nissan to Focus on Intelligent Mobility and Innovative Tech at CES 2019

Another big unveiling will be U.S debut of the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC.


Like other giant automakers, Nissan has a lot in its bag to showcase at the CES 2019. The automaker will focus on innovative technologies that will make future driving convenient, comfortable, effortless, and safe. Additionally, Nissan will demonstrate its Intelligent Mobility strategy showing how their cars park themselves, how they see things happening around and intervene to keep you out of the mess. The future of this mobility includes vehicles learning from each other and on-the-go charging of EVs.


Another big unveiling at the CES 2019 will be U.S debut of the Nissan LEAF NISMO RC, which was revealed in Tokyo in November 2018. The racing machine features dual electric motor powering all the wheels and creating 120 kW each and an enormous 640 Nm of torque. Nissan claims, with this power, it can reach 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds.

Other worthy mentions for the show include Nissan Energy Solutions, a display of the electric IMx KURO concept crossover, an upcoming vehicle introduction and so on.

Nissan will demonstrate its offerings in North Hall (6906) at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan 8, 2019.

For further details on these unveilings, stay tuned.

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