Bugatti Chiron Cannot Be the Fastest Car in The World, Officially

Bugatti even does not plan to introduce the topless Vitesse and a Supersport model.


When Bugatti introduced the successor of Veyron, the Chiron, we were sure it would be the fastest production car in the world. There were rumors and news Bugatti will make the fastest run attempt anytime. Even, Bugatti CEO said it could hit 280 mph easily. Like everybody else, this could be a run in the park for the successor of Veyron because of the more power (1,479-horsepower) it can generate and the electronically limited 261 mph speed showing it is a lot more capable than this.

While we were waiting for Chiron to hit the track for the fastest run, the Koenigsegg Agera RS came forward and broke the Veyron SS record with 278 mph. Two years after the Bugatti Chiron introduction, we now came to know the automaker will never run for the fastest production car title. Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann told MotorTrend, “To me, a top speed run is not on the agenda,” he said, according to Motor Trend. “For me, performance has a lot of facets, and the Chiron besides being a hypercar is a car covering a lot more than other Maybe cars.”

When Bugatti introduced the Divo, which is based on Chiron with less power, we knew the focus has been shifted from the top speed to better handling. Bugatti even does not plan to introduce the topless Vitesse and a Supersport model. We are not sure why Bugatti decided to not go for the top speed record which could not be a big issue for the automaker to just readied a Chiron for this attempt. May be they are thinking of something revolutionary and better for the future.

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