Porsche Road Trip App for iOS Pegs World’s Best Roads

The free app lets drivers find featured routes.


The German automaker has launched Porsche Road Trip app for iOS recently, listing world’s best roads that drivers can explore for a memorable outing. For the time being, the app only lists routes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the United States with intentions to add more in the near future.

The Porsche Road Trip app is not a GPS system to pinpoint locations, there is much more to it. The free app lets drivers find featured routes, arrange their journey by booking their accommodation and start their trip. The app even points drivers the best places to take stunning photos. The in-app navigation system guides motorists on every turn and corner to experience the vigorous driving.

Now the best part; the app is for all motorists, not just for Porsche drivers. Motorists all over the world can benefit from this. Porsche has plans to install this app into 2020 911 Carrera to allow drivers to use all these features from the vehicle.

Download the Porsche Road Trip app for iOS devices now.

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