BMW Fully Autonomous Vehicle Requires Just Two Years

It will hit the roads in 2021.


BMW executives told media that they will be able to offer a Level 5 self-driving car in the next two years. The BMW Fully Autonomous vehicle (mean it requires zero human intervention) will hit the roads in 2021 in the shape of Vision iNext SUV. This is a big claim from an automaker who has been tight-lipped about its progress on self-driving car technology.

Those who are closely watching the competition know that Google Waymo self-driving taxi will start working from next month. The tech giant spent billions of dollars on its technology but it can still operate in certain conditions. General Motors and Mercedes-Benz are also working on their self-driving car technologies. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz plans to start the tests in 2019.

Although BMW purchased HD Live Map from HERE three years back, they still did not provide any detail how they are using this machine-readable map in the BMW Fully Autonomous vehicle. We have to wait for BMW’s new flagship to find out their claims are true.

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