Al-Futtaim Toyota Cracks Down Fake Car Parts Dealers

The teams found 300,000 fake Toyota spare parts which valued over AED 15 million.


Al-Futtaim Toyota has cracked down 16 fake car parts dealers in the UAE. The raids were carried out in collaboration with the concerned UAE agencies in Dubai, AL Ain, Um AL Quwain, Sharjah, and Ajman. The teams found 300,000 fake Toyota spare parts which valued over AED 15 million ($ 4million). The authorities destroyed thes fake items, which mostly included oil filters, fuel filters, and spark plugs.

In addition, Al-Futtaim Toyota trained over 100 Economic Department Field Inspectors imparting them the knowledge to recognize the fake car parts. The inspectors were also educated on the importance of using genuine parts, so they can pass on this knowledge to motorists.

Talking on the raids Saud Abbasi, Managing Director of Al-Futtaim-Toyota, said: “The negative safety and economic impacts, as a result of the use and trade of counterfeit parts, are tremendous. Our success was only possible with the combined efforts of our Brand Protection team and UAE government officials from the local Economic Departments and local Police.”

Although fake spare parts are cheap, they make your vehicle vulnerable to breakdowns and fatal accidents.

To buy genuine Toyota parts, consumers must only contact the official channels. This will ensure they get high-quality, reliable and durable items. Last year, the inspectors effectively completed 29 searches and seized AED 41 million spare parts.

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