Ford Starts New Desert Driving Tips Series for Off-Road Enthusiasts

The episode 1 talks about picking the right offroader.


Ford has launched six-part video series offering desert driving tips on the Ranger Pickup. The advice from experts will allow drivers to avoid being stuck in the sand and enjoy to their fullest. The Middle Eastern countries offer a number of desert driving places, so staying safe on an offroad adventure is a concern for many. Fortunately, with a few simple steps and some knowledge, drivers can conquer the places they have never imagined.

Episode 1 talks about picking the right offroader for the journey. According to experts, drivers can use any vehicle for offroading provided the conditions are suitable and they have the right knowledge. However, most of us need an all-wheel-drive vehicle. That said, not all 4×4 are equal. For instance, an all-wheel-drive crossover may not have the proper ground clearance and approach and departure angles for this job.

“You really need to look at a vehicle that has good ground clearance, four-wheel drive with low-range and the capability to be taken out in the dunes,” said Mike Chavez, series co-host and Ford Middle East Product Development Lead Technologist. “Crossovers are usually limited in their ground clearance, and approach and departure angles which are typically less than you need for off-roading. This is great for aerodynamics and fuel economy in daily driving, but when you come off-road and into the sand, you could damage the vehicle or get it stuck.”

Yes, all 4×4 vehicles transmit power to all the wheels, however, not all of them has a proper low-range setting to utilize engine’s torque in tricky conditions. The traction is ensured with deflated tires allowing them to remain in contact with the ground and distribute their weight to a wider area.

“The wheel and tire combination on a vehicle like the Ranger gives you more tire, so when you deflate it allows you to stay on top of the sand and not dig in and get stuck,” Chavez added.

To view the first episode in Ford’s Desert Driving tips series, click here or just watch the video above.

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