Smart Towers Will Reduce Speed Limit in Bad Weather

All vehicles should follow the announced speed limits until the visibility is clear.


The Traffic Safety Committee Abu Dhabi has ordered to use smart towers on different roads that will mechanically decrease speed limit in bad weather conditions. In rainy and foggy conditions, when the visibility drops to less than 200 meters, the towers will display 80 km/h speed limit.

“The modified speeds on the roads are determined according to the traffic safety during adverse weather,” said the Department of Transport-Abu Dhabi (DoT).

“The modified speeds are identified on the smart towers installed on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street (Abu Dhabi – Dubai) and Sheikh Khalifa Street (Al Saadiyat). All vehicles should follow the announced speed limits until the visibility is clear and return to the regular speed limit signs.”

Roads without smart towers will have a fixed speed sign with a traffic light for driver’s convenience. The Police will adjust the radars according to the speed limit. The Traffic Safety Committee has plans to employ modern solutions to inform motorists of changes on the road. This is to ensure everyone stays safe on the road.

“In addition, it is important to utilise the National Early Warning System to send out messages and notifications to warn the drivers and residents of alternative areas and advise them on what to do to keep themselves safe during adverse weather,” the DoT said in a statement to announce the implementation of the traffic safety committee’s intelligence system.

“The low visibility will be monitored using different channels like National Center of Meteorology, visibility sensors on the smart towers and traffic patrols on these roads. A geographic frame will be identified according to the data and will include adjacent areas too.”

The Committee instructs motorists to abide by the speed limit displayed on the smart towers and stop their vehicle if the visibility worsens. Moreover, drivers are advised to maintain a safe distance between vehicles and avoid overtaking and changing lanes in these conditions.

The authorities have reported many accidents in Abu Dhabi due to low visibility. Most of these incidents happened due to tailgating and speeding.

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