Revolution Race Cars Unveil Their First Track Car

The car goes by the name ‘The Revolution’.


The track car fans would be familiar with the name of Radical Sportscars, who have been creating wildest race machines for years. Lately, one of its co-founders has left the firm and initiated his own brand by the name of Revolution Race Cars. The new track car brand has also introduced its first car by the name ‘The Revolution’.

The car carries a Ford 3.7L V6, which generates 350 horsepower. The Revolution Race Cars chose this Ford unit for its dependability and solid performance. The firm added their own management system and high-flow exhaust for this engine to achieve a quicker throttle response. The power goes to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential transmission, which is obtained from 3MO. This company creates parts for rally racing, touring and hill climb vehicles.

The company explains the Revolution as a track car created by “racers for racers” featuring high-level of safety. The automaker puts the safety on priority considering their car will be frequently used on the racetrack. They are also planning to conduct race series in the UK and France.

The pricing details are still a mystery but we do know from previous statements of the company that it will carry a price tag less than $130,000.

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