E-Sayyara Campaign Encourages Motorists to Buy Electric Cars in UAE

UAE is ready to embrace 55 new electric car models in the near future.


The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DCSE) has launched E-Sayyara campaign, which encourages motorists to adopt green transportation means. As UAE is ready to embrace 55 new electric car models in the near future, the authorities are planning to launch EV incentives for e-car customers.

Ivano Iannelli, CEO of Dubai Carbon, told media that automotive giants like Mercedes, BMW and General Motors are all-set to bring their new EVs in the market

“General Motors introduced 12 new e-car models lately. At least 55 new models will be in the markets in the next 18 months with a lot more to expect in 2020,” said Iannelli.

Under the E-Sayyara campaign, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DCSE) is working closely with the automakers to improve supply of electric cars aiming to bring 270,000 electrified models on the road by 2030.

Iannelli told, “There are sports enthusiasts, 4×4 drivers, tech savvies and tree huggers; everyone has a different relationship to transport and should be approached differently.” The authorities will offer such incentives, which would make it easier for residents to adopt green mobility.

Dubai has already taken steps in this regard; the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) is offering free charging until end of 2019, free Salik tag, free parking spots across Dubai and exemption from vehicle registration and renewal fees for electric vehicle owners. Currently, the city has 200 EV Green Charger stations, which are offering free charging.

Ahmed Buti Al Muhairbi, secretary-general of the DSCE said, “We introduced the basic incentives last year with Dewa, now it’s time to supply the market with enough e-cars before introducing new incentives that responds to the market needs,” said Al Muhairabi. “We expect a breakthrough of e-cars in Dubai by 2020, with new regulations and incentives to be launched.”

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