Are We Seeing Ford Mustang Hybrid?

The video displays and old and new version of the Mustang.


Ford has published a promotional video showcasing the company’s future design language and possibly offering a glimpse of Mustang hybrid. The video displays an old and new version of the Mustang.

As the video reveals the engine, we see a different front look with the grille encompassing new trim and also an illuminated pony logo. The rear also looks different from the current generation.

Under the hood, the new Mustang has a V8, which might get assistance from a hybrid powertrain. However, it is not clear how much power will it produce. What we do believe is that the total power will be V8-like if not more.

We have also heard rumors about Mustang Hybrid bearing Mach 1 name. We also believe this will be a part of the seventh-generation Mustang, which is due by 2021. The electrified Mustang will sell in North America first. And yes, it will still have a dedicated architecture, which makes its unique to other muscle cars in the market.

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