Turbinator II Becomes The World’s Fastest Wheel-driven Car: Video

The car was able to achieve 503 mph speed on a straight run.


No, it is not Chiron, Aegra RS or Bloodhound SSC, it is the Turbinator II by Team Vesco which made the record for world’s fastest wheel-driven car. Driven by Dave Spangler, the record was attempted on October 1 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the World Speed Finals event. The car was able to achieve 503 mph speed on a straight run but unfortunately could not register it in the record book.

As we are aware, to register a speed record, a vehicle has to run in both directions. As the Turbinator II could not make it to both directions because of rain, it will not take a place in Guinness World Record book.

Fastest Wheel-driven Car

The car was powered by a gas engine producing 5,000 hp. To achieve a humongous speed, the tires as well as the traction control system must be extraordinary. The tires were provided by Special Mickey Thompson. The 36-foot long vehicle only weighs 4,950 pounds, which made it possible to cover 1 mile in only eight seconds. On its way to achieving 503 mph, the Turbinator II covered 7.18 miles in just 2:19.

As far as the world’s fastest wheel-driven car record is concerned, Team Vesco already has already registered a national record achieving 482.6 mph in average last month. Seeing the 503 mph record attempt from the cockpit is really ridiculous. Take a look above:  

Images are taken from Motor1.com:


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