Vehicle Inspecting Robot To Be A Part Of RTA In Dubai

The robot was revealed on Sunday, at the Gitex Technology Week. .


Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is all set to launch a vehicle inspecting robot, which is programed to help drivers identify defects in their automobiles. The robot was revealed on Sunday, at the Gitex Technology Week.

Though under development, once fully ready, the vehicle inspecting robot will serve motorists at petrol stations. It will not only detect faults to avoid failure, but it will also save time for vehicle inspection at workshops. The robots will also serve at other public locations.

Interactions between the robot and the driver will be direct with no involvement of the RTA staff. The customer will choose the fault reading service on the robot’s screen and make the payment through a debit or credit card. The successful payment will allow the motorist to get a dongle from the machine and place in the car for analysis. Once the robot analyzes it, the dongle should be removed. The robot emails the diagnosis report to the driver.

RTA plans to utilize the vehicle inspecting robots to conduct annual vehicle inspections as well. Furthermore, RTA has announced to introduce autonomous taxi in Dubai soon.

RTA will test drive the autonomous taxi for three months before permitting passengers to take the self-driving ride.

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