Electric Audi RS 3 Creates a New World Record Speeding in Reverse: Video

Daniel Abt has hit 130 mph in reverse.


Guys, we have a new top speed world record! However, you will be surprised to know that it is not in the normal forward direction. Daniel Abt has hit 130 mph in an electric Audi RS 3 in reverse. The Audi Sport Formula E team member used a modified RS 4 from Schaeffler Group, which carries four Formula E electric motors on each axle generating 295 horsepower each.

Abt test-drove the car in reverse several times until he recorded 130 mph. Do not forget Abt has previously outdone several supercars on this RS 3 on a straight-line run. However, it was not an easy run. First, he drag-raced a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and prepared himself for this fastest run in reverse. The last two attempts in making the record were jittery which is evident from the video as he spun out while applying brakes.

Though reversing at 209.7 km/h (130.3 mph) is amazing, this is still an unofficial record. Top-speed records normally require a car to run in both directions, however, it never occurred to anyone if this is really necessary for a car run in the backward direction. Either recorded in the book or not, what Abt did with electric Audi RS 3 is truly amazing and mind-blowing.

Images taken from: Motor1.com

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