Possible Hot New Wheels, Bugatti SUV

Bugatti is looking closely into hybrid engines.


With the changing global spectrum, Volkswagen Group’s luxury brands decided to bring SUVs in the market. It seems Bugatti, which is synonyms to fast supercars, is also planning to introduce their high-riding vehicle. The CEO of Bugatti has recently announced that they are considering adding a Bugatti SUV to their product portfolio. The discussions concerning the SUV’s framework and engine are in progress and may take some time, as there are still a few details that need to be settled before proceeding any further.

Speaking more on the topic of the vehicle’s engine, the former executive of Lamborghini said that the esteemed W16 engine might not become a part of the Bugatti SUV. Even though the W16 engine is currently the star for the brand, it “won’t remain the heart” forever.

The brand has not released much detail on the topic and has yet not given any clear indication as to what more is in store for the new utility vehicle. However, Bugatti is looking closely into hybrid engines and leaning toward the idea of it is a thoughtful act. They want to preserve the environment by considering the general acceptance regarding emissions.

Although, SUVs have proved themselves as a profitable segment for luxury brands to invest in, especially those who only have been producing sports cars, the numbers are being considered in respect to the brand’s current trend of only making and launching limited edition cars instead of mass-produced cars.

Recent reports also suggest that Bugatti may also be interested in bringing new versions of Chiron. The work is mainly centered on track-focused Chiron SS and an open-roof Chiron Aperta.

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