Abu Dhabi School Bus Avoids a Crash With a Reckless Driver

The bus had to put an emergency break and fortunately, there were no injuries.


Abu Dhabi Police has published a video on their social media channels showing a car swerving uncertainly to overtake an Abu Dhabi school bus putting the lives of children in great danger. The video, which is taken by a traffic camera, shows how a white sedan driver crosses a school bus and comes in front of it to take a turn to the right.

The Abu Dhabi school bus had to apply an emergency brake and there were no injuries. The video is posted by the authorities to aware the public on dangerous driving and its consequences.

“The aim of the initiative is to expose the public to these serious violations,” remarked Colonel Mohammed Ali Al Muhairi, director of Security Media Department.

“We want to find appropriate solutions to reduce road accidents and minimize the number of traffic accident victims who lose their lives to the reckless behavior of some road users.”

“Abu Dhabi Police is keen to hear the opinions and suggestions of the community in road safety, and the services provided.”

The police call this campaign “Keep them alive, don’t be a killer’. We all need to take full responsibility when it comes to driving, especially around sensitive areas like schools. Kids have a tendency to become oblivious of their surroundings and run around freely. Therefore, it is the duty of motorists to be extra careful driving nearby schools.

Abu Dhabi police fines Dh1,000 fine and 10 black points to someone who does not stop on the bus ‘stop’ sign.


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