Aspark Owl Electric Car Priced at a Whopping $3.6M, Hits 60 in 1.9s

The company has opened its books for preorders.


When it comes to the fastest electric cars, we bet on numbers. The Osaka based Japanese automaker Aspark brings 1.9 seconds hit to 60 mph with its Owl electric supercar. The Aspark Owl recently made its debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show wearing an enormous price tag of $3.6 million.

The company has opened its books for preorders at a nonrefundable price of $1.15 million, according to Bloomberg. Askpark is already producing a range of tech devices but this is their first outing into the realm of autos. Considering a new auto company, we feel the pre-deposit price is huge.

If we talk about speed numbers, Aspark Owl is definitely fast, competing with Rimac C-Two and Tesla’s incoming roadster. However, when it comes to top speed and electric drive range, the Owl falls behind. The top speed is just 174 mph while the driving range is 186 miles. We can’t say much seeing the prototype but the price is definitely very high for a new entrant with just a quick acceleration time.

The company plans to create 50 units of Owl with some key details still undecided. With so many ambiguities, we would be surprised to see someone paying the initial deposit.

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