Mercedes-Benz Named its Formula 1 Inspired hypercar, Mercedes-AMG One

Expect the car to hit the roads in the fall of next year.


Earlier known as Project One, Mercedes formula 1 inspired hypercar will sport the badge of Mercedes-AMG One, confirmed the automaker during the run-up of Paris Motor Show 2018. The hypercar is currently doing test runs in Britain at secret locations, which means we might not be able to see it in action until it hits the roads.

Mercedes-AMG One
Formel 1 Fahrer Valtteri Bottas informiert sich über den aktuellen Entwicklungsstand des Mercedes-AMG ONE. // Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas informs himself about the current state development of the Mercedes-AMG ONE.

“In the run-up to the Paris Motor Show 2018, the performance and sports car brand announces the name of the future hypercar,” Mercedes said in a statement. “The name stands for the highest automotive ambition: to bring Formula 1 hybrid technology to the road. The hypercar will be the pinnacle of the model portfolio and the absolute top-of-the-line model– as is logically referenced by the One.”

In a recently posted video and through picstures of the hypercar we can see the active aerodynamics features which include active wheel arch flaps, a two-piece active rear wing, and more. We can also hear the hypercar roaring through its 1.6L V6 turbo engine. Both the combustion engine and the electric motors will jointly produce a power of more than 1000 horses.

Expect the car to hit the roads in the fall of next year.

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