BMW X7 Prototype Undergoes Severe Endurance Tests

BMW tested the prototype on snow and ice in the polar region.


The first luxury-segment model from the Bavarian automaker, BMW X7 is set to be released for the first time ever and the German brand is making sure everything is right for the occasion. That’s why the Sports Activity Vehicle is undergoing some serious tests on various terrains to prove its worth.

BMW tested the prototype on snow and ice in the polar region and later challenged the South African jungles. Both extreme locations made it possible to assert the new SUV’s dominance. It did drive around in camouflage, so we cannot say much about its looks. However, we will know about it soon.

The X7 is BMW’s bid to expand their already strong presence in the luxury vehicle market. Not only does the SUV has supreme performance, it has a spacious interior, ground-breaking suspension, and all the latest entertainment features.

The BMW X7 prototype was made in the Spartanburg plant in Germany and will be further developed in South Carolina, USA at BMW factories. The brand-new X7 brings sportiness, accessibility, and luxury together. There is no denying the vehicle’s unmatched performance on various terrains. No matter where it is driven, it will surely prove its worth of sporting the BMW’s badge.

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