Porsche To Unveil a Restomod Classic 911 On August 24

This particular project is named Project Gold.


Porsche has even more celebratory projects in mind to commemorate its 70th anniversary. This time it’s a restomod classic 911 on the cards. Porsche has already revealed an interesting 911 Speedster concept and a copy of the very first Porsche to keep the hype buzzing.

This particular project, named Project Gold, is being recorded as a documentary by Porsche and will be released on its YouTube channel on August 24. The car will be seen in its flesh on August 27 at the Rennsport Reunion in Laguna Seca.

The YouTube series has already been started and through it, we got to know that the upcoming car will be based on a 993-series 911 Turbo. The entire car will have gold highlights which will blend in with the black color. The interesting color theme will follow in the interior, making the car look unique.

Porsche has not released more details on the project. We do not know about its engine and its performance figures, however, since the series is being updated regularly, fans would not have to wait too long. Furthermore, it is unclear if Porsche will put the restomod classic 911 on sale or not.

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