Agera FE Thor and Vader, The Last Two Ageras From Koenigsegg

Thor has a carbon fiber and diamond-flake paint job.


The Swedish automaker Koenigsegg has bid adieu to the Agera with the completion of the final two Agera hypercars named Agera FE Thor and Vader. The Agera is the oldest standing model from the house of Koenigsegg. The company has been using the model name since its start of operations in 1994.

Koenigsegg shifted gears with Agera by installing turbochargers to its cars instead of superchargers. Its previously famous model ‘CC’ did get some improvements but it could not match the brilliance of the Agera. Then came the Koenigsegg One:1 capable of producing one horsepower per kilogram of its weight. A huge achievement that put the Swedish marque on the path of greatness.

The company did accomplish greatness when the Agera RS broke the record for the fastest car in the world. Now they hope to rake in some cash with one-off Thor and Vader.

Thor has a carbon fiber and diamond-flake paint job with a fin in the middle of the roof to promote grip and handling. The Vader also has the same paint job with the addition of gold highlights on various parts of the body. Both the cars retain 1,360 hp, one-megawatt engine which makes them extremely fast.

Koenigsegg doesn’t expect to leave a void after the exodus of Agera FE Thor and Vader. It is planning to introduce a new model by next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

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