9 Futuristic Features of Cadillac CT6 Sedan

The latest Plug-In Hybrid Technology enhances fuel economy two-fold.


Cadillac has been looking to reinvigorate its brand appeal in face of stark competition by top-brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. Their hard work and dedication have paid off in shape of brand-new Cadillac CT6 sedan. This attractive new sedan, which is based on a new design, will be Cadillac’s flagship offering. The gallant exterior design of the CT6 catches the eyes, which is exactly what the automaker was looking for to distinguish this sedan from its competitors. However, the new approach is not just restricted to design. The folks at Cadillac have worked hard to install interesting technologies that are unique and helpful. In short, there are nine futuristic features Cadillac has added to the CT6 which make it stand a class apart.

The 21st century is in its early years but the effects of betterment and progress are now more assertive. Cadillac succumbs to that assertion just like every other marque doing business in this age. What better way to show their seriousness than to introduce the Cadillac CT6 sedan with their latest Plug-In Hybrid Technology that enhances fuel economy two-fold.

Rugged Body Structure

Cadillac designers have accomplished weight reduction in a clever way without compromising the safety of passengers. The entire body structure is made of aluminum – the lightest and strongest viable material for vehicles – along with a blend of 11 other different materials to achieve lightweight excellence. This idea allows the CT6 full-size sedan to achieve maximum performance and awesome fuel efficiency while maintaining a peaceful and serene atmosphere inside the cabin. Cadillac has also introduced the innovative Super Cruise technology for the first time, which boosts the driver’s experience. The purely hands-free driver assistance feature will keep you tension free on the highway. This idea is especially useful here since most Middle Eastern highways have relatively high-speed limits.

Christian Soemmer, Managing Director of Cadillac Middle East, said, “Since its launch, our flagship Cadillac CT6 sedan has pushed the boundaries of innovation and set high standards in its class within the automotive industry. In the Middle East, the CT6 has received high acclaim from customers as it has done in the rest of the world. Some of Cadillac’s groundbreaking technologies, such as industry-first Super Cruise, have debuted on the CT6, continuing to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for our customers.”

Responsive Drive, thanks to Better Chassis

Furthermore, the American auto company provides the best driving experience through the use of a modern and sophisticated chassis system. It promotes ride stability and handling by making use of Active Rear Steer and Magnetic Ride Control. Switch to the various driving modes and the car will respond quickly and smoothly without losing control in demanding situations.

Enhanced Entertainment

2017 Cadillac CT6

Satisfied with safety, you might wonder what’s inside the car. Fortunately, Cadillac delivers the best cabin experience you could hope for. You get a rear seat infotainment system which employs HDMI and USB ports for smarter connectivity. It provides wireless charging for avid smartphone users. And who wouldn’t be pleased with a 34-speaker Bose Panaray Surround Sound System? The CT6 gets the Advanced Technology Series sound system which delivers crystal clear sound that you might be compelled to watch movies inside.

Intuitive Rear-View Camera Technology

2017 Cadillac CT6

What’s more, you can even futuristically transform the rear-view mirror into a functional LCD screen but that is not for watching videos. This feature allows you to see HD footage of the back of the sedan recorded by a camera.

Connectivity Features

The CT6 offers a modern user-experience system called CUE which allows you to focus more on the road by letting you control the infotainment system with your voice. This technology also allows you to practice hands-free text messaging. Additionally, the CT6 supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

Pedestrian Collision Detection

Cadillac takes the safety of both the driver and the pedestrians very seriously, therefore they have installed seven cameras in the CT6 which scan the environment for potential pedestrians. If it finds a pedestrian unknowingly crossing the road, the CT6 will warn you and apply auto-brakes if necessary.

Surround Vision

2017 Cadillac CT6

These 7 cameras also work as security cameras for your car. Four of the seven cameras track movement around the car. These cameras are Night Vision enabled, so nothing can pass unnoticed.

Auto Vehicle Hold

As you remove your foot from the brake, the CT6 stays put. It won’t go back or forward eliminating the need to put your foot on the brakes all the time on a signal. This is also helpful when you climb steep roads.


The 10.2-inch touchscreen and other screens allow you to seamlessly switch programs if you decide not to use the voice navigation feature. The screens are responsive and boast handwriting recognition which you can use to write addresses and numbers.

In short, the Cadillac CT6 sedan is the epitome of automotive excellence boasting latest technologies, innovative ideas, and smart approach. The price of the CT6 in the UAE starts at AED 215,300 including VAT.


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