Bentley Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

The day showed that women have an equal standing in the field of engineering.


The work of women in the field of science has proved that there should be more days like the International Women in Engineering Day. Seeing the importance of women in engineering, Bentley celebrated this day shining a light on the contribution of women engineers in the firm.

An open day was organized for female engineering students from Bentley’s partner schools. At the event, Bentley’s female engineers held a session on ‘Girls into Manufacturing’ and ‘Girls into Engineering’. This allowed Bentley’s female employees to share their personal experience working as an engineer at the company.

Jemma Palmer, Talent and Recruitment Officer at Bentley, said at the event: “We try to bring the factory to life, and the girls have the chance to ask the team about what they studied at school and how they got into the area of engineering they work in.”

Bentley has a strong roster of female engineers who excel in their respective department. Megan Aucott is one such employee who proved her mettle in the 3D printing department.

She explains: “The 3D printing area is really interesting and there is a lot to learn.  I work on the development of the full range of Bentley models so every day is different.  At Bentley, there are always opportunities to learn more and in the future, I plan to get more experience in other technical departments.”

The event also acquainted us with another bright star, Gemma Rigby who is a student at Loughborough University but found the opportunity of working at Bentley during her gap year. The design engineering student Gemma remarked, “When I came from university I didn’t expect the amount of responsibility and different projects that I’ve been given. I’ve really loved it. If someone had told me when I was doing my A Levels that I’d soon be looking after 3D printers at Bentley, I don’t think I’d have believed them.”

To make the event special, Gemma, Megan and their colleague Joanna created a 3D model of the International Women in Engineering Day logo.

Other than these three, Bentley employs a number of capable female engineers who take the Bentley cause forward. The commemorative day showed that women have an equal standing in the field of engineering which is currently inundated by men.

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