Continental Introduces Innovative ContiConnect Technology for The Middle East

This allows a fleet manager to monitor tire pressure of all the vehicles in the fleet.


Continental plans deeper market penetration in the Middle East with the introduction of ContiConnect. The innovative technology is a digital tire monitoring system that lets fleet operators inspect tires of all their vehicles remotely. The technology will make inroads in the Middle East by 2019.

The remote tire monitoring system alerts a user when tire pressure decreases so that they can efficiently refill their tires. This allows a fleet manager to monitor tire pressure of all the vehicles in the fleet, reducing maintenance cost, breakdowns, and unnecessary tire punctures. The fleet manager can remotely monitor trucks, buses, industrial vehicles and even excavators.

Juan Uruburu, Head of Sales, Commercial Vehicle Tyres, Continental Middle East, said: “ContiConnect is the starting point for Continental to become a profound partner for tire-related data services. We are taking a huge step forward in our evolution from a premium tire manufacturer to a solutions provider with this new digital tire monitoring platform, which will provide a whole host of important benefits to customers in the Middle East from 2019.”

ContiConnect is not the first technology by Continental to make its way to the Middle East. Earlier, the company released ContiPressureCheck – a system that transmits signals to a mobile device via sensors, signaling users of a change in the tire pressure, tire temperature, and other related data.

The ContiConnect technology also employs sensors. These sensors are placed on the inner lining of the tire where they stay protected from water, heat, and theft. Customers can buy a Continental tire that comes pre-fitted with this technology. The sensors send information to the Web Portal where fleet managers can track tire condition and performance.

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