2019 Dodge Challenger Teased In A Short Video

This latest video goes with the title RED797_62818.


Dodge has teased the probable 2019 Dodge Challenger in a short video released on their YouTube channel. Dodge always finds interesting ways to seduce customers before their product’s release. This latest video goes with the title RED797_62818 and shows a Challenger screaming through a desert. Before it reaches the camera, the video gets blurry and the next thing on the screen is LOCK: RED797_19.

We are not sure what this code word follows but 797 could be a hint toward the upcoming Challenger’s horsepower. The number 6-28-18 hints a date, which is today, so it’s possible that the coming soon shown in the video means today. Dodge showed nothing definite.

Furthermore, the video shows a white colored car, so ‘Red’ here obviously doesn’t translate to the body color. It could be a new trim Dodge is working on. Whatever it is we hope the 2019 Dodge Challenger will be released soon.

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