Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada Reveals Intimate 2019 Toyota Supra Details

Supra will go on sale worldwide in the first quarter of 2019.


It has been quite a while since we heard anything about Toyota Supra. We do know the 2019 Toyota Supra will arrive next year but thanks to an interview with Supra’s head engineer Tetsuya Tada, we got to know more about the car. He told that Supra will drive differently from the BMW Z4.

“Each company defined what we wanted and went from there,” Tada remarked. Both the cars will have the same engine and transmission. But will have different suspension and running software.

Tetsuya said the Supra will have an inline-six turbocharged engine – no surprise here as the last generation Supra also had an inline 6 turbo – and a hybrid model will be made showing Toyota’s commitment to the future. Furthermore, the car will have a 50:50 weight distribution and a strong body.

The Toyota Supra is being made on the same platform as the BMW Z4, which can provide hints on how the car will perform.

Tetsuya Tada further confirmed that the Supra will be a pure sports car, which means there will be little focus on the luxury and comfort aspect of the car. The street legal 2019 Toyota Supra will look very similar to the Gazoo Racing (GR) Supra Racing Concept that was revealed in Geneva this year.

Supra will go on sale worldwide in the first quarter of 2019.

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