Forza Horizon 4 Releases 2nd October 2018 On Xbox One and PC

The McLaren Senna will be on the front cover.


Microsoft is back again with yet another installment of their famous life-like racing game Forza. The Forza Horizon 4 was announced at Microsoft’s E3 presentation for Xbox One and PC. The new game has Britain on the map, where players will explore the British cities and countryside scenery in 4K and HDR.

The ultra-realistic factor has been enhanced by the developers by adding seasons that change every week. Having seasons allow players to venture into special areas that open up as a result of the seasonal change. To top off that exciting feature, the new Forza game will feature more than 450 cars that players can customize and alter more than ever before.

The Forza Horizon format focuses on player interaction through an open-world map. Therefore, Forza Horizon 4 has the same running scenario but with a few special enhancements. Taking heed of fan’s requests, developers added a new Route Creator that allows players to create bespoke race routes and share them with other players worldwide. Then there is an advanced feature of playing the game in 60 fps but that is only for Xbox One owners.

Furthermore, gamers can now buy property in the open world map and as a result, unlock new items and bonuses.

The McLaren Senna will be on the front cover for the game’s packaging when it releases on 2nd October 2018 for Xbox One and PC.

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