Daimler’s eCascadia and eM2 Electric Trucks to Come Ahead of Tesla’s Semi

Daimler will join hands with the E-Mobility Group (EMG).


Daimler has decided to expand its approach to the electric truck market with two new offerings, announced last Thursday. The Freightliner eCascadia and eM2 are the two commercially viable trucks that will go head to head with the Tesla Semi. Daimler hopes to capture this market niche faster than Tesla, as it will start production of these trucks later this year.

Daimler will join hands with the E-Mobility Group (EMG) to strengthen its electric truck segment. The EMG will be responsible for strategizing the design and application of Daimler trucks on a global architecture similar to what is followed by Daimler’s combustion engine trucks.

The eCascadia is the heavier of the two with a powerful motor making 730 horsepower helped by a 550-kWh battery. This huge battery charges to 80% in just 90 minutes and allows the eCascadia to travel 400 km (250 miles) on a single charge. The eCascadia can handle weights exceeding 15 tons.

The eM2 is a medium-weight semi-truck featuring a 325-kWh battery that charges to 80% in 60 minutes and lasts for 370 km (230 miles) when fully charged. The motors, powered by its batteries, make 480 hp.

The eCascadia and eM2 have been built specifically for North America. Both of these trucks join the FUSO eCanter and Thomas Built Saf-T Liner C2 Jouley school bus.

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