Chevrolet Middle East Partners with Radio Stations to Boost UAE Road Safety this Ramadan

According to some reports, the motorists are more distracted between 9am and 10am.


Ramadan is a busy time on roads with motorists driving faster than usual to reach their destinations on time. According to some reports, the motorists are more distracted between 9 am and 10 am and this translates to more chances of accidents. To tackle this situation, Chevrolet Middle East has brought their A-game. They have collaborated with local radio stations providing them real-time traffic data and requesting them to play mellow music to calm down the nerves of drivers at the peak distracted driving time. This eventually will increase UAE road safety this Ramadan.

Chevrolet Middle East has partnered with Al Rabia (107.8 FM), Channel 4 (104.8 FM) and Radio 4 (89.1 FM) offering them real-time data of altering road situations, thus permitting DJs to play soothing music from their current playlist. This would be done in a seamless way to ensure safe journeys for motorists going to their work. With more traffic on the road, the more calming would be the music. This music will be played between 9 am and 10 am, every Wednesday morning during Ramadan.

Talking about the partnership for UAE road safety, Molly Peck, Chief Marketing Officer General Motors Middle East said, “Safety is part of our very foundation at Chevrolet, from the active safety technologies featured in our products to initiatives like this one, we are dedicated to ensuring we play a key role in making roads safer.  This collaboration builds on this commitment and will hopefully provide a more soothing driving environment during one of the highest risk hours of the day.”

The chosen music is based on the current research which explains the relationship of fewer beats per minute with the calming effect on the mind. Chevrolet aims to make UAE road safer this Ramadan.

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