Schaeffler Group Produces an Electric Audi RS 3

Schaeffler sponsors the Audi Sport ABT Formula E team.


The Audi RS 3 sports car has been given a modern makeover by Schaeffler Group, which is an automotive supplier. The Schaeffler 4ePerformance swaps the ever so wonderful 2.5-liter inline 5-cylinder turbo engine with Formula E inspired 4 electric motors to crank a jaw-dropping 1,180 horsepower.

The company calls the sports car Schaeffler 4ePerformance concept. However, they did not create this just for fun. The Schaeffler Group wants to show the world how quickly and easily a regular combustion engine car can be transformed into an environment-friendly electric car.

Schaeffler also sponsors the Audi Sport ABT Formula E team, so they’re not short of experience, expertise or even an Audi RS 3. The four motors that produce 295 hp each come directly from the ABT Schaeffler Formula E race car.

Reports about the performance specs suggest that the 4ePerformance concept goes from 0-124 mph in just 7 seconds, thanks to the 4 motors that manage each of the four wheels independently. A spur gear unit joins the motor to the wheel whereas two motors use one gearbox housing to make an electric twin axle. The design sends selective drive torque to the wheels.

Schaeffler intends this concept to act as an inspiration. They have no plans to introduce a production version of the electric Audi RS 3.

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