Quarterly Tesla Promotion Video Hints at A Tesla Model Y Prototype, Or Does It?

The Tesla fan base is divided in opinion.


Tesla has released a short promotional clip teasing its offerings for the coming year. In the fifteen seconds mark, most people realized that Tesla has subtly seduced a new vehicle. It doesn’t look like any of the current models offered by Elon musk’s Tesla and thus most believed it could possibly be the much-awaited Tesla Model Y.

From what could be seen of the half-covered car, we believe the electric vehicle is the same size as the Model 3 and is built with a sporty approach in mind. The rear part of the automobile suggests a sharp and angular definition, which is highly reminiscent of the Model X SUV’s design. The rear doors are actually what gave away the suspenseful vehicle, since they are different from all Tesla’s vehicles currently on offer.

However, some experts argue that the teased vehicle cannot be the prototype of Tesla Model Y crossover since it has a minimal ground clearance, which is unusual for crossover vehicles. Therefore, the Tesla fan base is divided in opinion, as some of them believe the revamped Tesla Model S was seduced instead of the Model Y crossover.

The latter seems more plausible because the Model S has not had a significant change in design since its release in 2012. Furthermore, the Porsche Mission E, the Model S’s direct competitor, is releasing soon, so it is natural Tesla would go for the Model S revamp rather than the Model Y introduction.

Moreover, Elon had earlier hinted that the Model Y factory will be announced in the 4th quarter, and the crossover SUV will come out by 2020.

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