Top 5 Convertible Cars Under AED 150K

The list is for those who like to own affordable and fast convertibles in the UAE.


Cars are generally fun to drive because they give you the adrenaline pump as you accelerate and enjoy the surroundings. Around the globe, you see races and tournaments where car marques go head to head to be crowned the best in the world. But what’s the fun closing yourself inside a box not feeling the natural environment? The real fun of driving can only be felt when you drive a convertible. These convertible cars are built to be multipurpose since you could enjoy a nice drive in the bright sunny day (of course not in the summers here) or in the evening to the beach without a rooftop and if it rains you could pull over the rooftop and be safe from the shower.

Over the years convertible cars have undergone huge improvements. Now you can buy convertibles with a hardtop roof that can be brought out or tucked in with just the press of a button. In earlier days, that had to be done manually. There are lots of advantages that come with convertible cars such as feeling the freedom, praises by others, and so on. For those who like to own affordable and fast convertibles in the UAE, I present you 5 best convertible cars of 2018.

2018 Mazda MX-5 – AED 124,000

The 2018 Mazda MX-5 has the accolade of being the best-selling two-seater sports car. The convertible car has been around for 25 years and is available in two body styles: the standard car with a fabric roof and the Targa-roofed MX-5 RF. Mazda believes the RF version makes the roadster experience even more exciting. You could fold the roof and enjoy the fresh air or raise it when silence and security are required. The MX-5 comes in three trims namely SE, SE-L and Sport, however, only the 2.0L soft top model is available in the UAE. The 2.0L engine powers the car while producing 160 hp and 200 Nm of torque supported by a 6-speed SKYACTIV transmission.

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