Koenigsegg Agera RSN Sets Another Record in the U.K

The blue-colored Agera RSN hit 242 mph within 1.3 miles.


The Koenigsegg Agera RSN owned by Neil Miller has achieved a massive feat in Leicester, England. The blue-colored Agera RSN hit 242 mph, at Vmax 200 event, in no more than 1.3 miles. Niklas Lilja, Koenigsegg’s famed driver, drove the hyper car.

 “The car was strong all day. We had to do a little fine tuning on the active rear wing as we progressed through the day so we probably left a few mph on the table for next time,” Lilja, the driver, said in a brief statement.

The Agera RSN was able to claim the record at Vmax 200, despite it being bulkier than the Koenigsegg One:1 which claimed 240 mph in 2016 at the same place. So, how that happened? The One:1 was restricted to 240 mph and it was still able to reach the milestone well before the end of the track.

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is famously known to have set a Guinness World Speed record for the fastest vehicle in 2017. The hypercar has recently gone out of production after 25 examples were built other than the three special edition models, of which two are still in production. Koenigsegg will shift its production toward the Regera, once the special editions of the Agera RS roll out of its factories.


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