Hybrid Kinetic Group Will Reveal two new Vehicles at the Beijing Auto Show

The vehicles include K350 SUV and H500 sedan.


Hybrid Kinetic Group (HKG) is a newly established company based in China which specializes in developing electric vehicles. The company is ready to display its two new vehicles at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show namely K350 SUV and H500 sedan.

Hybrid Kinetic Group has also teamed up with Pininfarina where the latter is responsible for designing both the vehicles. Pininfarina also published the teaser images of the K350 SUV and the H500 sedan. Both vehicles appear to have a modern design and a stylish interior.

The HKG also launched other SUVs in the past including the five-seat K550 and the seven-seat K750. The K350 SUV will be the smallest in the lineup with a full electric powerhouse. Both the K550 and K750 feature a hybrid system whereas the K350 will boast an advanced micro-turbine range-extender technology that will help the SUV 5o deliver up to 1,000 kilometers of range. On the inside, it will have a tablet-style infotainment display and full virtual dash system.

As for the H500, the sedan will incorporate a beautiful exterior design and will compete against the likes of BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

More information will be revealed when the Beijing Motor Show kicks off.

Images taken from: Motoring.com.au

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