Dubai Cars will Soon Have Digital Number Plates

The plate will display ‘stolen’ if the vehicle gets stolen.


Dubai cars will soon be able to install digital number plates instead of traditional metal plates we are seeing since we opened our eyes.

“The digital plate, called Tag to Connect, is a smart screen that will replace the current metal plate,” Sultan Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, told Khaleej Times at the Future Cities Show in Dubai on Monday.

“With the digital plate installed in your car, you need not come to any RTA service center every year in order to renew your vehicle plate – your car registration will be automatically renewed after passing the vehicle test,” Al Marzouqi said.

“Moreover, since it’s a digital plate, you can change your plate number anytime through the RTA app or by ordering from the RTA website without any hassles,” he added.

One great aspect of the digital number plate is that it will display ‘stolen’ if the vehicle gets stolen.

“The digital plate will also allow vehicles to connect with each other – that’s why it’s Tag to Connect – meaning, motorists can exchange information on traffic condition or if there is an accident on the road. All this information will be connected to the central command system of the RTA,” Al Marzouqi added.

The parking mechanism will also be evolved as fees could be paid through e-wallet linked to digital number plates.

Al Marzouqi told us, the RTA will initiate testing from the next month.

“We want to know how the smart plates can survive in the UAE weather, how humidity and dust can affect the transfer of data and to determine its life cycle and other technological requirements,” Al Marzouqi explained.

“Then, after thorough evaluation, we will roll out the smart plates to the public and announce how much it will cost. Other applications will also be added to the smart plate, including, possibly the integration of the Salik tag,” Al Marzouqi concluded.

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