Ferrari 488 Pista Makes Debut at Geneva Show

The automaker has not yet revealed the pricing details.


We revealed the news regarding the arrival of Ferrari 488 Pista a few days back and now the automaker has officially revealed the sports car at the Geneva Auto Show. Let’s see in brief its salient features.

Under the hood, the Ferrari 488 Pista carries a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 which develops 711 horsepower (530 kilowatts) and 568 pound-feet (770 Newton-meters) of torque. Surprisingly, the 2018 McLaren 720s offers the exact power output thanks to its new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 unit.

Talking about the body kit, the Ferrari 488 Pista boasts new cams, an upgraded intercooler, carbon-fiber body panels, carbon-fiber wheels and an enhanced 7-speed paddle-shifted dual-clutch transmission which allows to shift gears in just 30 milliseconds as the driver switches to ‘Race Mode’.

Up front, the automaker has added F1-inspired S-Duct and redesigned the front diffusers for better aerodynamics. Moreover, a massive rear-spoiler has been added and the official word suggest the 488 Pista will offer 20 percent more downforce than the 488 GTB.

Furthermore, the chassis has been revamped and a new Side-Slip Angle Control system has been incorporated. A new Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer further improves the overall driving dynamics of the sports car.

The automaker has not yet revealed the pricing details of the Ferrari 488Pista.


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