Fully Electric Aspark Owl Reaches 62 MPH in 1.92 Seconds

The Aspark Owl will zoom to a top speed of 174 mph in no time.


The latest electric supercar to come out of Japan, the Aspark Owl, which was first unveiled in 2017 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, has impressed the world with its astounding instant acceleration of 0-62 in 1.92 seconds, during a test run, which comes very close to Tesla’s claims for its Roadster.

The prototype was tested using non-street legal elements such as slick tires but the company claims the street-legal production version will be capable of the same performance results. The Aspark Owl will zoom to a top speed of 174 mph in no time.

The design of the car resembles that of the nocturnal bird owl, and hence it is supposed to be relentless in its performance, which means this supercar is especially sculpted for the track. However, fortunately for speed lovers, the car will be safe enough for the road.

Giving life to the car are two motors at each axle worthy of a combined 430 horsepower and 563 lb-ft torque to enliven the four massive wheels, all that to move the 1,874-pound vehicle. A single charge of the batteries provides the Owl a 93 miles range.

A limited number of 50 Owls will be produced at a whopping price of $4.4 million each. When it will be on sale is still unknown.

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