Fisker EMotion Displayed at 2018 CES

It is expected to launch sometime in 2019


Henry Fisker has long been teasing his revolutionary Fisker EMotion electric car and now it has finally made its debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show.

The Fisker Emotion, dubbed as the ‘Tesla Killer’, is a mid-size sports sedan with an electric powertrain, all-wheel drive, gullwing doors, and a remarkable interior space for up to four passengers.

The automaker claims the Fisker EMotion can run 400 miles on a single charge and unlike the previous electric car ‘Karma’, the EMotion is powered by a lithium-ion battery supplied by LG Chem. However, Henry Fisker has mentioned that the company is currently working on even more advanced solid-state batteries which will be capable of delivering up to 500 miles of range and could charge in just one minute.

The Solid State batteries rely on solid electrolytes instead of the liquid type as in case of lithium-ion batteries.

Talking about the EMotion, the electric supercar boasts a new technology; Quanergy’s S3 lidar sensors. These sensors could fit in the palm of your hands and can scan in all directions. These sensors added to the EMotion are for self-driving capability.

Other features on the Fisker EMotion include 24-inch carbon fiber wheels, leather upholstery, a 27-inch curved display for rear-seat entertainment and a lot more.

The Fisker EMotion is expected to launch sometime in 2019 and the starting price will be around $129,000.

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