Chinese Company Introduces Xpeng G3 SUV at 2018 CES

It boasts a panoramic windshield similar to the Tesla Model X.


The 2018 CES is currently underway and among a number of new electric cars present at the show, we saw the new Xpeng G3 SUV.

Xpeng is a small auto company based in China which is a part of the Alibaba Group. The company’s new G3 SUV is a compact electric utility vehicle which closely resembles the Tesla Model X. The letter G in the name stands for ‘Geek’.

The Xpeng G3 SUV boasts a panoramic windshield similar to the Tesla Model X, along with a roof-mounted camera which provides a view of the car’s surroundings. On the inside, the G3 SUV features a 12.3-inch display screen, which is actually the instrument cluster. The infotainment display is a 15.6-inch touchscreen.

On the outside, the Xpeng G3 SUV features two front-facing cameras, two-side cameras, four-panoramic cameras, three-millimeters wave radars and 12 ultra-sonic radars, in addition to two cameras inside. Currently, the G3 can park itself autonomously but with future updates, the SUV would be able to perform more self-driving functions.

The automaker has not yet revealed the pricing details and the powertrain specifications. We will know about these in the coming months.

Another Chinese company called Byton also introduced an electric SUV concept at the show.

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