Abu Dhabi Police Fined Over 10K Motorists for not Wearing Seatbelts

The Abu Dhabi Police will carry on to educate people through different campaigns.


The updated federal traffic law which came into effect on July 1, 2017, clearly states that all passengers in a vehicle should be wearing seatbelts. Unfortunately, motorists still are taking this rule lightly, as we witnessed 10,766 fines between July 1 and December 2017, which is an alarming figure.

The Abu Dhabi Police has been working hard to educate motorists on wearing seatbelts. Brigadier Mohammed Dahi Al Humairi, director of the Abu Dhabi Traffic Department at Abu Dhabi Police, stated it’s the duty of the driver to make sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up. “This is to maintain the safety and prevention of injuries and deaths resulting from traffic accidents,” he added.

He underlined that the Abu Dhabi Police will carry on to educate people through different campaigns targeting all communities of the society including schools, colleges, and universities.

The traffic laws have been updated in the UAE to make roads safer for commuters and authorities are ready to take every step possible to achieve their goal. For this reason, they have introduced new penalties and increased black points and fines for different offenses.

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