Buy Used Cars with Vehicle Condition Certificate from RTA

Getting the certificate will cost Dh100.


Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started offering Vehicle Condition Certificate for used cars that will give vital details of the particular vehicle helping buyers to make an informed decision.

The Vehicle Condition Certificate will include details like distance traveled, type and validity of insurance, facts about vehicle confiscation, kind of vehicle, owner’s name, condition during annual testing, and other pertinent facts.

All the info will only be released after the owner’s approval who would confirm it through a text message sent by RTA. Once approved, the buyer will be able to see the used car details on RTA website by providing chassis number. Getting the certificate will cost Dh100.

The service is also accessible on imported used cars from America, Europe, and Asia. The American CARFAX and the European AUTO DNA are offering online details through their websites.

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