Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt Involved in a Crash with Motorcycle

The police found the motorcyclist guilty.


News of the autonomous Chevrolet Bolt involved in a crash with a motorcycle has been doing rounds recently. General Motors purchased Cruise Automation in an attempt to increase its pace of manufacturing autonomous driving systems.

It started using Chevrolet Bolt cars to test the different attributes of autonomous driving technology. The tests went smooth and the automaker augmented its fleet and announced intentions to roll out autonomous vehicles for ride-hailing services by 2019.
However, the recent crash of the autonomous Chevrolet Bolt has made the firm more vigilant, even though, a report from the California Department of Motor Vehicles found the motorcyclist was guilty. Prepared by ArsTechnical, the report reveals that the self-driving Bolt while attempting to switch lanes on a three-lane thoroughfare, hit a passing motorcycle causing it to topple over.

The Chevrolet Bolt was driving at a speed of 12 mph, while the motorcyclist tried to pass the car at 17 mph. After the crash, the rider was taken to a nearby healthcare facility for a checkup, however, no serious injuries were reported.

The police found the motorcyclist guilty because he tried to overtake the Bolt and pass the autonomous vehicle on its right while it was shifting into the other lane. The driver should have waited and been more careful.

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