Volvo’s Drive Me Project Hands Over Self-driving Cars To Families

Volvo has also partnered with ride sharing firm, Uber and Autoliv.


Volvo’s ambitious Drive Me project plans at handing over 100 of its new self-driving vehicles to families in Sweden. These families, also regular customers of the Gothenburg automaker, will drive the first examples in various conditions and select situations to test the technology.

As part of the project, the first self-driving models of the Volvo XC90 were delivered last Monday to families and members of the Hains and the Simonovskis. By engaging their loyal customers in the test drive phase and trial Volvo aims at uplifting the drive dynamics where the technology focus is the driver.

The Swedish automaker’s objective is the rolling out of safe self-driving cars that provide a unique driving experience. By making customers part of the Drive me trial, Volvo aims at gaining productive feedback through driving experiences of the clients in different scenarios and conditions.

The user centric focus through the Drive Me Project will facilitate technology verification and the shift from supervised to unsupervised driving making safe self-driving vehicles a reality.

Volvo has also partnered with ride sharing firm, Uber and Autoliv amongst other automotive supply firms to build their self-driving technology as they plan to launch the first complete self-driving car by 2021.

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