Honda Robot Concepts Revealed For 2018 CES

Honda also plans on exhibiting the Mobile Power Pack World


The CES 2018 is to be held next year on 9th January and the show is all set to showcase Honda Robot Concepts in addition to its Mobile Power Pack World unit. Honda is bringing four different robot concepts namely 3E-A18, 3E-B18, 3E-C18, and 3E-D18.

3E manifests three powerful aspects of experience, empower and empathy. Each pillar has its own specific properties and execution dynamics, but the three together are a portention of each of the E’s.

The B18, C18, and D18 manifest similarities as they are all built along the lines of mobility concepts. The B18 is a “chair-type mobility concept” that can be used indoors and in external environments.

The C18 depicts a small sized multi-functional cargo space concept, while the D18 that resembles an autonomous ATV exudes an off-road self-driving concept.

One other Honda Robot Concept that will make a debut at the CES 2018 is the A18 that has a ‘companionship’ aura to it and is built to express compassion and apathy to people. This one is made to feel things.

Honda also plans on exhibiting the Mobile Power Pack World along with the four Honda robot concepts and ideas, which feature an exchangeable battery pack designed exclusively for electric cars.

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