UAE Fuel Prices December 2017

The price hike is the highest for UAE in almost 2 years.


The UAE fuel prices December 2017 has been increased by the Ministry of Energy, which is in line with the hike in global crude rates of petrol and diesel.

As per the ministry, the price for 95 unleaded gasoline will be Dh2.04 in December compared to 1.92 last month, while the price of 98 unleaded gasoline are increased to Dh2.15 which is an increase of almost 6%.

The 91 unleaded gasoline has got 12 fils price bump trading at Dh1.97 per liter (last month price was Dh1.85). Diesel has also been increased by nine fils costing Dh2.20 this month.

The price hike is the highest for UAE in almost 2 years, as the last highest rates the motorists had to pay were in August 2015 when 95 unleaded gasoline surged to Dh2.14 as a result of the deregulation.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the UAE fuel prices fluctuate in response to the global crude rates and since the global crude prices have increased to above $60 per barrel for the first time on 28th October since 2015, UAE has responded by hiking the rates for petrol and diesel. Following the recent announcement, residents and motorists will have to pay the new UAE fuel prices.

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