Mahindra Roxor Off-roader To Be Manufactured In Detroit

The Roxor’s production by the firm will lead to new employment opportunities.


The Indian manufacturer of SUVs, trucks and off-road vehicles, Mahindra and Mahindra has recently launched its very first production factory in Metro Detroit where it plans to produce the Roxor off-roader that will be launched in 2018.

This off-road vehicles assembly plant located in Michigan, United States will produce Roxors primarily designed for off-highway driving and will initially be available in India for purchase. However, the Southeast Asian auto manufacturer has plans to expand to international markets such as the US later.

According to sources, the Roxor off-roader will have two variants; a lifestyle variant designed to cater to off-road driving aficionados and a commercial variant that will be ideal for mining and farming or agriculture sectors.

The Roxor’s production by the firm will lead to new employment opportunities as Mahindra plans to employ 400 new workers and invest an additional 600 million dollars to meet its production plans until 2020.

The production of the Roxor off-roader and opening of the assembly plant are the first steps to establish and strengthen the presence of the Indian automaker in key international markets especially in the off-highway vehicles segment.

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